Sinnoh Region
Shin'ō Chiho
Sinnoh Pt Art
The concept art of the Sinnoh Region in Pokémon Platinum.
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Character Information
Professor Professor Rowan
New Pokémon 106
Primary Starter Pokémon Turtwig Grass
Chimchar Fire
Piplup Water
Video Games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
Pokémon Platinum
Villains Team Galactic
Rival Barry
Region Inspiration Hokkaidō region Wikipedia logo
Hokkaidō chiho (北海道地方)

Sinnoh Region (シンオウ地方 Shin'ō Chiho) is the fourth major region to be feature in the Main Pokémon series and the setting of Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. The region is split into two sections: the Mainland and Battle Area. Kalos Region's is inspirational based on Hokkaidō region in the real world. Kalos currently have 17 known settlements of cities and towns.

Cities and TownsEdit

Total of 18 settlements of cities and towns.

Routes and LandmarksEdit

Total of 31 routes and 35 landmarks.



The Pokémon LeagueEdit

Gym LeadersEdit

  1. Roark (Rock, Coal Badge)
  2. Gardenia (Grass, Forest Badge)
  3. Maylene (Fighting, Cobble Badge)
  4. Crasher Wake (Water, Fen Badge)
  5. Fantina (Ghost, Relic Badge)
  6. Byron (Steel, Mine Badge)
  7. Candice (Ice, Icicle Badge)
  8. Volkner (Electric, Beacon Badge)

Elite Four and Pokémon ChampionEdit

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