Pokémon X

ポケットモンスター X

Pokémon X North America
Boxart of Pokémon X (North America)
Pokémon Y

ポケットモンスター Y

Pokémon Y North America
Boxart of Pokémon Y (North America)
Game Information
Generation Generation VI
Players 1 to 4 player(s)
Platform Nintendo 3DS Wikipedia logo
Category RPG
Developer Game Freak
Publisher Nintendo
The Pokémon Company
Game Information
Japan 12 October 2013
North America 12 October 2013
Europe 12 October 2013
South Korea 12 October 2013
Australia 12 October 2013

6 Pokémon X and Y are video games of the Generation VI series. Pokémon X and Y are the first two Pokémon video games that comes in the main game series for the Nintendo 3DS. The video games were announced by current Nintendo president Satoru Iwata Wikipedia logo on 8 January 2013 on 11:00 AM GMT and 6:00 AM JST during a Pokémon Direct video on the Nintendo 3DS. These will be the first video games of the Pokémon series that will be released worldwide on the same day with exception of a few countries. Pokémon X and Y will be released on 12 October 2013.


3D EnhancementEdit

Pokémon X and Y are the first two Pokémon games that are completely in a 3-dimensional style of gameplay on a handheld system. Each and everything has been changed since the release of previous Pokemon games. The sprites have been changed into 3D designed models from the characters to the Pokémon.

Battle System EnhancementEdit

The battle system in video games also went under a 3-dimensional style. As seen in the trailer of the video game there were different Pokémon battles introduced. The attack of a Pokémon will be shown in a 3D style against another Pokémon. It will even show how the Pokémon will move when it's being attacked or vice versa by the opponent. It also introduce two additional Pokémon battle variations: Horde Encounter and Sky Battle.



Main article: Pokémon-Amie

Pokémon-Amie a brand new feature that allows the player to strengthen bonds with their Pokémon. It uses the lower touch screen the players may interact with their Pokémon by petting or feeding them.

Super TrainingEdit

Main article: Super Training

Super Training is a new method of training of increasing a Pokémon's Effort values.

Player Search SystemEdit

Main article: Player Search System

The Player Search System (PSS) is a new Pokémon App that is a multi-player feature that allows people to connect, battle, and trade with other players through the internet. It uses the bottom screen and allows the player to search for other people playing both globally and locally.


Main article: Fairy (type)

Fairy-type is a new type was added to balance the Dragon-type, which was previously only weak to itself and Ice-type. Fairy-type attacks are strong against Dragon-type, Fighting-type, and Dark-type and resisted by Fire-type, Poison-type, and Steel-type; Fairy-type Pokémon are weak to Poison-type and Steel-type attacks, resist Fighting-type, Bug-type, and Dark-type attacks, and are immune to Dragon-type attacks.

Player customizationEdit

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The first time in the main series that allow the player to alter their appearance in-game, allowing them to customize their characters such as changing the hair color and the clothes or accessories worn it also included skin colors at the beginning of the game.


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650 Chespin Art
650 Chespin
653 Fennekin Art
653 Fennekin
656 Froakie Art
656 Froakie


The two legendary Pokémon that are the mascots for Pokémon X and Y have been officially named as: Xerneas and Yveltal.

716 Xerneas Art
650 Xerneas
717 Yveltal Art
653 Yveltal
Dark Flying