Mega Evolution is a new trans-evolutionary method found native in the Kalos region. All Mega Evolutions are identified by having "Mega" in front of their name.


In order to undergo a Mega Evolution, the Pokémon must be holding the applicable Mega Stone. The player must use their Mega Ring, which contains a Key Stone, to resonate with the Mega Stone held by their Pokémon to trigger Mega Evolution. Mega Evolution can only occur in battle and disappears after the battle is over. Mega Evolution is only limited to one Pokémon per battle.

X and YEdit

The Tower of Mastery is also related to Mega Evolution and Korrina knows secrets about Mega Evolution.

Omega Ruby and Alpha SapphireEdit

In Sky Pillar the Legendary Pokémon Rayquaza holds the secrets about Mega Evolution.

Mega PokémonEdit

Pokémon Prior Mega Stone After
Artwork Type Artwork Type Ability
Venusaur 003 Venusaur Art Grass Poison Venusaurite 001 Venusaur Mega Art Grass Poison Thick Fat
Charizard 006 Charizard Art Fire Flying Charizardite X 006 Charizard Mega X Art Fire Dragon Tough Claws
Charizardite Y 006 Charizard Mega Y Art Fire Flying Drought
Blastoise 009 Blastoise Art Water Blastoisinite 009 Blastoise Mega Art Water Mega Launcher
Beedrill 015 Beedrill Art Bug Poison Beedrillite 015 Beedrill Mega Art Bug Poison Adaptability
Pidgeot 018 Pidgeot Art Normal Flying Pidgeotite 018 Pidgeot Mega Art Normal Flying No Guard
Alakazam 065 Alakazam Art Psychic Alakazite 065 Alakazam Mega Art Psychic Trace
Slowbro 080 Slowbro Art Water Psychic Slowbronite 080 Slowbro Mega Art Water Psychic Shell Armor
Gengar 094 Gengar Art Ghost Poison Gengarite 094 Gengar Mega Art Ghost Poison Shadow Tag
Kangaskhan 115 Kangaskhan Art Normal Kangaskhanite 115 Kangaskhan Mega Art Normal Parental Bond
Pinsir 127 Pinsir Art Bug Pinsirite 127 Pinsir Mega Art Bug Flying Aerilate
Gyarados 130 Gyarados Art Water Flying Gyaradosite 130 Gyarados Mega Art Water Dark Mold Breaker
Aerodactyl 142 Aerodactyl Art Rock Flying Aerodactylite 142 Aerodactyl Mega Art Rock Flying Tough Claws
Mewtwo 150 Mewtwo Art Psychic Mewtwonite X 150 Mewtwo Mega X Art Psychic Fighting Steadfast
Mewtwonite Y 150 Mewtwo Mega Y Art Psychic Insomnia
Ampharos 181 Ampharos Art Electric Ampharosite 181 Ampharos Mega Art Electric Dragon Mold Breaker
Steelix 208 Steelix Art Steel Ground Steelixite 208 Steelix Mega Art Steel Ground Sand Force
Scizor 212 Scizor Art Bug Steel Scizorite 212 Scizor Mega Art Bug Steel Technician
Heracross 214 Heracross Art Bug Fighting Heracronite Heracross 214 Mega Art Bug Fighting Skill Link
Houndoom 229 Houndoom Art Dark Fire Houndoominite 229 Houndoom Mega Art Dark Fire Solar Power
Tyranitar 248 Tyranitar Art Rock Dark Tyranitarite 248 Tyranitar Mega Art Rock Dark Sand Stream
Sceptile 254 Sceptile Art Grass Sceptilite 254 Sceptile Mega Art Grass Dragon Lightning Rod
Blaziken 257 Blaziken Art Fire Fighting Blazikenite 257 Blaziken Mega Art Fire Fighting Speed Boost
Swampert 260 Swampert Art Water Ground Swampertite 260 Swampert Mega Art Water Ground Swift Swim
Gardevoir 282 Gardevoir Art Psychic Fairy Gardevoirite 282 Gardevoir Mega Art Psychic Fairy Pixilate
Sableye 302 Sableye Art Dark Ghost Sablenite 302 Sableye Mega Art Dark Ghost Magic Bounce
Mawile 303 Mawile Art Steel Fairy Mawilite 303 Mawile Mega Art Steel Fairy Huge Power
Aggron 306 Aggron Art Steel Rock Aggronite 306 Aggron Mega Art Steel Filter
Medicham 308 Medicham Art Fighting Psychic Medichamite 308 Medicham Mega Art Fighting Psychic Pure Power
Manectric 310 Manectric Art Electric Manectite 310 Manectric Mega Art Electric Intimidate
Sharpedo 319 Sharpedo Art Water Dark Sharpedonite 319 Sharpedo Mega Art Water Dark Strong Jaw
Camerupt 323 Camerupt Art Fire Ground Cameruptite 323 Camerupt Mega Art Fire Ground Sheer Force
Altaria 334 Altaria Art Dragon Flying Altarianite 334 Altaria Mega Art Dragon Flying Pixilate
Banette 354 Banette Art Ghost Banettite 354 Banette Mega Art Ghost Prankster
Absol 359 Absol Art Dark Absolite 359 Absol Mega Art Dark Magic Bounce
Glalie 362 Glalie Art Ice Glalitite 362 Glalie Mega Art Ice Refrigerate
Salamence 373 Salamence Art Dragon Flying Salamencite 373 Salamence Mega Art Dragon Flying Aerilate
Metagross 376 Metagross Art Steel Psychic Metagrossite 376 Metagross Mega Art Steel Psychic Tough Claws
Latias 380 Latias Art Dragon Psychic Latiasite 380 Latias Mega Art Dragon Psychic Levitate
Latios 381 Latios Art Dargon Psychic Latiosite 381 Latios Mega Art Dragon Psychic Levitate
Rayquaza 384 Rayquaza Art Dragon Flying None
see Dragon Ascent
384 Rayquaza Mega Art Dragon Flying Delta Stream
Lopunny 428 Lopunny Art Normal Lopunnite 428 Lopunny Mega Art Normal Fighting Scrappy
Garchomp 445 Garchomp Art Dragon Ground Garchompite 445 Garchomp Mega Art Dragon Ground Sand Force
Lucario 448 Lucario Art Fighting Steel Lucarionite 448 Lucario Mega Art Fighting Steel Adaptability
Abomasnow 460 Abomasnow Art Grass Ice Abomasite 460 Abomasnow Mega Art Grass Ice Snow Warning
Gallade 475 Gallade Art Psychic Fighting Galladite 475 Gallade Mega Art Psychic Fighting Inner Focus
Audino 531 Audino Art Normal Audinite 531 Audino Mega Art Normal Fairy Healer
Diancie 719 Diancie Art Rock Fairy Diancite 719 Diancie Mega Art Rock Fairy Magic Bounce

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