??? (type)Baby PokémonBeedrill
BlastoiseBug (type)Bulbasaur
CharmanderCharmeleonCities and Towns
CynthiaDark (type)Dragon (type)
Electric (type)Fairy (type)Fighting (type)
Fire (type)Flying (type)Fossil Pokémon
Generation IGeneration IIGeneration III Pokémon
Generation II PokémonGeneration IV PokémonGeneration I Pokémon
Generation VIGeneration VI PokémonGeneration V Pokémon
Ghost (type)Grass (type)Ground (type)
HoennHoenn PokédexIce (type)
IvysaurJohtoJohto Pokédex
KakunaKalosKalos Pokédex
KantoKanto PokédexLeader Gardenia
Leader RoarkLeader WakeLegendary Pokémon
List of Pokémon by effort value yieldMega EvolutionMetapod
National PokédexNational Pokédex/001-151National Pokédex/152-251
National Pokédex/252-386National Pokédex/387-493National Pokédex/450-721
National Pokédex/494-649Normal (type)Poison (type)
PokemonPokemon UniversePokéWikia
PokéWikia:PolicyPokéWikia:Privacy policyPokémon Black 2 and White 2
Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha SapphirePokémon Red and BluePokémon X and Y
Primal ReversionPsychic (type)Region
Rock (type)RonnieRoutes
Sevii IslandsShadow PokémonSinnoh
Sinnoh PokédexSquirtleStarter Pokémon
Steel (type)TypeType/Generation I
Type/Generation II-VType/Generation VIUnova
Unova PokédexVenusaurVersion
WartortleWater (type)Weedle

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